What Will Happen When The Sun Goes Out 2019 DOCUMENTARY

Scientists have long known that the sun will run out of fuel one day — and this documentary aims to show you what will happen next. If there are human descendants still around and in the Solar System at that time, given the lengths of time involved, they will be highly unlikely to be recognizable as human and given that the sun will increase temperature for thousands of years we almost certainly will not be on this planet . But there"s no need to start buying star-death insurance yet. The time scale is long — 7 billion or 8 billion years from now, at least. Humans have been around only about 40-thousandth that amount of time; if the age of the Earth were compressed into a 24-hour day, humans would occupy only the last second, at most.

[Music] [Applause] [Music] when the Sun ceases to exist our glorious Sun the center of