What Came about to Humans?

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - July 05th, 2013


Universal Law trumps all others.

1. No man or woman, in or out of government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against my life and property and, any and all contracts I am a party to, not giving full disclosure to me, whether signed by me or not, are void at my discretion.

2. I may use force in self-defense against anyone that violates Law 1.

3. There shall be no exceptions to Law 1 and 2.

"When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader" - Plato
guard the freedom of ideas at all costs.  billard the dictators have always played.  on the natural human tendency to blame.  others and to oversimplify and don"t.  regard yourself as a guardian of freedom.  unless you respect and preserve the.  rights of people you disagree with to.  free public unhampered expression and.  that was said by Gerard Kay O"Neil.  welcome to surviving the matrix ladies.  and gentlemen my name is Maxwell Egan.  it"s a pleasure to be with you once.  again and I will be your host for the.  next hour the freedom of ideas the.  freedom of expression the freedom of.  real human creativity to be all that we.  could be that"s what this reality has a.  potential of being and yet the world.  that we have created just isn"t like.  that you could have been like that it.  used to be like that but now we find a.  world that has been greatly homogenized.  and we find a world that is greatly.  controlled we had the potential of a.  world containing a myriad of species all.  of which walk their own unique path.  within the ecosystem and this is the way.  the natural world and the world of.  animals still is so what happened to.  humans what happened to humanity what.  happened to mankind to bring us to where.  we are now and I know there"s probably.  people out there that are thinking well.  what are you talking about everything"s.  fantastic we have all this technology we.  have all this stuff that we never had.  before and the world is going ahead in.  leaps and bounds but really such is not.  the case because while we may be going.  ahead with technological leaps and.  bounds the amount of environmental.  degradation that we"re seeing is.  absolutely shocking and the loss of.  freedoms and the loss of.  spirit and the loss of individuality and.  individual creativity that we are seeing.  through this homogenize a ssin of human.  consciousness is not something that is.  beneficial or even complimentary to.  mankind it"s not complimentary to a.  positive future it"s not complimentary.  to human beings becoming all that they.  could be because this can only be.  achieved through diversity of expression.  and diversity of creative input I mean.  let"s face it folks when we started we.  were fantastic we had everything going.  for us we had diversity of species we.  had diversity of thought inspiration we.  had fruit and we had a beautiful planet.  a lush green albeit harsh in many ways.  but still a paradisiacal planet to live.  on and then we started to destroy.  everything and destroy each other.  destroy our environment we started to.  kill the life that lives on the planet.  with us and to kill the planet itself in.  many ways and all the while that we were.  doing this we were calling it progress.  it"s like our egos took over we got.  presented with concepts that claimed.  that we were a divine creation the most.  magnificent thing in the entire universe.  and egos kicked in and we decided that.  the universe was here solely for our.  benefit and solely for our use and that.  everything is for our use the animals.  are asked to use the plants of us to use.  the planet is for us to use we put.  ourselves at the top of the food chain.  not just on this planet but universally.  at the top of the food chain.  we spend our time now mainly indulging.  in tribal warfare the destruction of.  each other the control of each other and.  the control and destruction of our.  habitat that seems to be most of what we.  put our minds to generally speaking I.  mean as species and as a society this is.  what we do we may not do this on an.  individual level we"re usually too.  concerned with our own little habitat.  that we believe we own but generally.  speaking as societies this is what we do.  our main focus is on war and control of.  each other of course that just seems to.  be where we"ve gone as a species and one.  really has to wonder why this happened.  how this happened one has to be aware of.  it because it"s only by stepping back.  and really looking at the actions of.  mankind and being aware of what we"re.  doing and where we"re going that we will.  ever find solutions to the many problems.  that we face every single one of which.  we have created ourselves have you.  noticed that folks that everything that.  is wrong with the plan every single.  environmental there everything that is.  wrong with this planet is a result of.  the actions of mankind all it"s been.  carried out through the massive ego we.  seem to have developed through our.  belief that we are the top of the.  universal food chain and everything that.  exists exists solely for our benefit and.  even when we become aware of problems.  problems in our society.  problems in our government problems in.  our social structure it seems to be very.  rare for us to actually implement any.  positive change to these problems.  very often the problems have been.  created by politicians and so we look to.  the politicians to fix the problems they.  created but really folks what we have to.  do is we have to fix them ourselves and.  we very often fail to see the.  opportunities that awareness of these.  problems provides for us take the Edward.  Snowden situation for example there"s so.  many people now online arguing whether.  it would Snowden"s a good guy or a bad.  guy weathers controlled release whether.  it isn"t whether it"s alphabet agencies.  investigating each other there"s other.  people saying oh this is on the.  anniversary of the WikiLeaks affair and.  all.  sort of starts there reading all this.  stuff into it and arguing in debating.  amongst themselves and essentially.  working to perpetuate the fight rather.  than sitting back and seeing what the.  whole situation has provided us with.  which as I said on last week"s show is.  opportunity in the form of evidence.  that"s everything the alternate research.  community has been saying for years is.  real evidence that can now be presented.  to the general public I mean we already.  knew this we knew this back in the 1970s.  that they were doing this we knew about.  what the alphabet agencies were doing.  how much they were spying on people.  we"ve known about Peschel on where all.  the information is processed the big.  bases in Australia and Pine Gap in New.  Zealand we know all about this so the.  people that are sitting there in the.  alternate research community arguing.  over whether it was this and whether it.  was that and the fact that we didn"t.  learn anything new and all this sort of.  stuff are missing what"s actually going.  on here because what this has done is it.  has provided evidence to the mainstream.  it has provided evidence to the.  community at large that everything the.  alternative research community has been.  saying is real and that"s what has.  provided for us folks and all of the.  rest is just noise all the people.  arguing about whether it was this or.  whether it was that or what its purpose.  was it"s all just noise you"ve got to.  look at the opportunity it"s now.  provided and remember Richard Nixon was.  forced to resign because he did this to.  one hotel and to actually really one.  person and here we have the NSA and the.  Obama regime has been doing it to the.  entire planet and of course the.  politicians are going to argue whether.  this was legal or not but really folks.  we know that legal is just what they.  make up they just write rules down on.  pieces of paper they say yes it"s.  illegal because we said we could do this.  because we wrote it down on this piece.  of paper look it"s got a fancy.  letterhead now you guys have to let us.  do this because we wrote it down here.  that"s all legal is doesn"t mean.  anything.  these guys just made it up and they"ve.  tricked us into going along with it and.  it"s that type of attitude towards what.  is legal and what is lawful and it"s.  that type of loss of power of the.  individual that has led to everything.  that I mentioned in the start of the.  show it"s led to the global situation we.  are now in because we have allowed of.  these public trustees to say what is.  right and what is wrong rather than.  actually just doing what is right.  essentially we have allowed sociopaths.  and Psychopaths to create the parameters.  by which they wish to operate and we are.  forced to now go along with those.  parameters under pain of brutality from.  thugs in police uniform that"s the type.  of society that we"re living in and.  really if you look at this and question.  what has caused all of this well what is.  course it is the economic version of.  reality that"s been superimposed over.  human consciousness and of course let us.  not forget the manufactured scarcity.  that goes along with it this.  manufactured scarcity causes humans to.  exploit each other at every opportunity.  in order for economic gain and this is.  Sonny that I"ve spoken to you about so.  many times in the past the real evil of.  money what money is because money.  superimposes an economic reality over.  what mankind should actually be if you.  look at the destruction and degradation.  of our environment it"s all been done to.  support an economic model it"s all been.  done to support a fictional economy it"s.  all been done so that certain people can.  gain perceived wealth when there is no.  real wealth in money money is not wealth.  health is wealth really health and.  companionship and love of your.  environment and disrespect and love of.  people around you and the support of.  people around you living your life in.  like cash with the world at large that.  is wealth that we"ve been led away from.  that and we"ve been trying to believe.  that wealth.  is economic gain when economic gain is.  just fiction it"s just something that we.  made up and it"s also used very much to.  divide society the social parameters.  that we set ourselves economic.  parameters that we set ourselves all.  these things are used to create division.  and division is deeply ingrained into so.  many people even within the alternate.  research community division is so.  engrained into people"s minds it"s.  always my way or the highway.  there are many researchers like this who.  believe that if someone does not agree.  with them 100% then they are part of the.  New World Order many people are very.  narcissistic about their opinion very.  narcissistic about their view of the.  world and the alternate research.  community is certainly no exception in.  this regard which is very unfortunate.  because it does make rounding people up.  into a workable group that can actually.  bring about some change it does make it.  very difficult because ultimately the.  change has to come from within it has to.  be the individual making the change for.  themselves but they have to be prepared.  to respect the opinion of others as well.  not to launch hate campaigns against.  them not go out of their way to attack.  other researchers who may disagree with.  them but simply work towards a better.  future for all and allow people to have.  different ideas I mean I know so many.  people who have different ideas and.  different perspectives to me and that"s.  the way it should be folks because.  without that we don"t have the diversity.  we need to create a viable future.  diversity is a very important part of it.  folks and I think it"s important that.  people realize how I think it"s.  important that people within the.  alternate research community and within.  the community at large realize it there.  it isn"t one person"s way that"s going.  to lead us out of the problems that we.  face there isn"t one person I believe.  that has the whole answer I think.  everybody has a piece of the puzzle.  and if we can learn to respect each.  other and appreciate the diversity of.  each other"s opinions and realized that.  this is what we need we need input from.  all in order to create a viable future.  then we will at last find our way.  through this and folks I think that"s.  what this time in history is it"s an.  opportunity for us to do that and you.  might have noticed that all of the.  problems that we face when I talk about.  these problems on the show I always.  refer to them as opportunities because I.  see opportunity in all problems because.  whenever you come across something that.  is wrong then that provides you with the.  opportunity to fix it you didn"t have.  the opportunity before you became aware.  of the problem you have to become aware.  of the problem in order to have the.  opportunity to fix the problem of course.  if you don"t know it"s there you"re not.  going to fix it out and that"s why I see.  all problems as opportunities and how do.  we fix it folks how do we get ourselves.  back on track I mean I don"t know how to.  run a government I wouldn"t want to be a.  prime minister or a president or a.  congressman or any of those things I.  wouldn"t have a clue how to do anything.  like that that"s what those people do.  that"s what their forte is my issue with.  the whole thing is that within that.  established hierarchy within that system.  that political system that governmental.  system what we don"t have is.  transparency and accountability that"s.  the problem and I believe that we don"t.  have that transparency and.  accountability because people in the.  general population have forgotten who.  and what they are they"ve forgotten.  their place in the social system which.  is actually above government and they"ve.  just let these politicians run amok.  that"s why I always say the change has.  to come from within because when you.  discover your own power and you stand up.  in question authority question who these.  people are and question the state the.  world is in then we will begin to see.  some positive change when individuals.  start doing this for themselves and the.  thing is folks when individuals do begin.  to do this when.  they do it properly and they really feel.  their power and they really begin to.  understand themselves then they begin to.  respect those around them then they see.  the pointlessness of attacking other.  people the division that it creates they.  begin to see that other people"s.  perspectives are valid they may be.  different to yours but they"re valid and.  of course they"re different to yours.  because that is what makes everybody who.  they are is their perspective and it"s.  that diversity that we need but when you.  really find yourself you can respect.  yourself and you can respect others I.  mean sure you can point out the obvious.  to people if they need you to point it.  out but always do it in a respectful way.  because once we do that we have that.  power within ourselves true power then.  we will have the power of community and.  the power of community can achieve.  anything folks and once you have a.  respectful community then it"s easy for.  someone to stand up it only takes one.  person to stand up if he lives in a.  respectful community because it"s much.  easier for one person to stand up if he.  has the respect of his community because.  he knows his community will back him in.  what he says and this simple respect of.  one another is what empowers people to.  stand up and to question authority once.  enough people do this the governments.  will be forced to comply because the.  government"s need to be accountable I"m.  not saying that we don"t need government.  because at the current state of human.  consciousness we most certainly do need.  some form of government because people.  simply can"t look after themselves.  people just aren"t capable of being.  fully self responsible they"re not.  capable of it because they"re not living.  in a position where they can very often.  I mean if you"re living in a city for.  example it"s very very difficult to be.  self responsible and to manage your own.  affairs I mean you can"t grow your own.  food there"s a lot of things you can"t.  do if you"re in a city that"s why they.  pack people into these places so we need.  government we need something to manage.  our infrastructure we just need to have.  it accountable and the only way we"re.  going to ever get accountability from.  government is when people wake up to who.  and what they are because those who sit.  in government as upsets.  often are simply public trustees that"s.  how we have to approach it folks you.  know there"s a lot of people out there.  with a lot of ideas on what sort of.  future we should have there is of course.  the transhumanist agenda and the.  futurists who believe that is the way we.  should go and indeed that is what is.  being inflicted upon the world or.  whether in the world wants to go that.  way or not and that really is a lot of.  the problem with transhumanism folks is.  that you need to be given a choice as to.  whether you wish to go that way and it.  would appear that Humanity is going that.  way the problem is that we"re not being.  given a choice there"s many people that.  would like to go back to a Vedic a type.  of culture the type of society that was.  depicted in the ringing ceders books.  which is a fantastic way to live and.  would be a fantastic way to live and in.  many ways yes that is exactly what we.  should do and we could do it by even.  blending technology with such a society.  so he wouldn"t lose the technology that.  we"ve got now we can actually use it to.  improve things here on earth rather than.  impose a control system but even were we.  to go back to something like a Vedic way.  of living we can"t just stop this system.  and jump into that reality because.  there"s too many people who would suffer.  if we did so so it becomes obvious that.  the most effective method to get.  humanity back on track is to reign this.  system in and put it back in the right.  direction so it will lead us back to.  where we should be and the only way.  we"re going to accomplish this is if the.  individuals within our society realize.  who and what they are and realize the.  power they have to affect positive.  change by simply standing in their power.  and questioning the actions of the.  public trustees that are in charge of.  their various countries and we"ve seen a.  need for this around the world with the.  huge protests that are happening all.  around the globe at the moment in Brazil.  in Egypt in Turkey very very tense.  situation of course in Egypt now because.  people know they want change and so they.  have these massive protests but they.  don"t really have.  of any plan of what they"re going to do.  after they"ve had their protests and.  after they"ve asked at their government.  we"ve just seen Morsi now stood in Egypt.  and now the military are in charge of.  Egypt and that"s never a good thing so.  we"ve got to just wonder where it"s.  going to go now.  I mean Morsi was obviously a flake he.  was obviously a Western puppet the Arab.  Spring that they had in Egypt a couple.  of years ago when they overthrew.  President Mubarak really didn"t achieve.  much at all all it really did was put a.  Western puppet in charge of Egypt who.  spoke very strong but actually did not.  do the right thing many people of course.  hoped that Morsi would open up the.  borders into Gaza and allow more.  inflowing of aid into the Gaza Strip.  during his presidency but we didn"t see.  that at all and bear in mind that the.  people in Palestine are the Arab.  brothers of the people in Egypt and.  Morsi should very much of her dressed.  this problem and the people of the world.  were hoping he would do so but in fact.  he did just the opposite for example if.  you look at the tunnel system into Gaza.  the quite literally hundreds of tunnels.  several hundred tunnels are used to go.  into Gaza from Egypt I think these are.  mostly close now I think there"s only.  probably 80 to 100 tunnels that left.  open from what I"ve been hearing from.  people and the tunnels to Egypt from.  Gaza are the people of Gaza"s lifeline.  these tunnels provide vital supplies for.  the Palestinian people that they can"t.  normally get in due to the illegal.  Israeli blockade and the genocide "el.  actions of Israel against the Gaza Strip.  and it"s imperative that these tiles.  stay open and Morsi has successfully.  closed very very many of the tunnels and.  if those tunnels do close completely.  then the people of Gaza will very very.  rapidly decline and this is of course.  what Israel wants because Israel is.  quite literally carrying out genocide in.  the Gaza Strip it"s a slow kill it"s.  just starving them of.  everything they need to be alive and.  allowing the place to deteriorate until.  it becomes unlivable then the people.  will have to leave or die and once that.  happens Israel will simply commandeer.  the land and replenish it and redevelop.  it and turn it into Israel the way it"s.  done with most of the rest of Palestine.  and again folks it"s just the.  perpetuation of more division but I"ve.  probably gone way off topic with all of.  that but anyway I felt that it need.  commenting on but yeah first division.  seems to be the order of the day in the.  world today division and control and a.  locking down of society and it"s.  happening on all fronts it really is and.  as I said people are waking up to this.  people are realizing that the whole.  system is corrupt and we need something.  better and that"s why we are seeing such.  massive protests around the planet but.  like I said when people go into these.  protests they don"t really have a game.  plan people want to bring the system.  down because they don"t want the system.  to remain the way it is but they don"t.  really know what they want to replace it.  with and really what they need to.  replace it with is transparency and.  accountability if we"re going to have.  any law at all we should return to.  common law throw all the statute of war.  away introduce transparent governmental.  systems and demand accountability from.  our politicians if we do that then that.  is the first step to putting us back on.  track and eventually we will hopefully.  reach something that will be like a.  Vedic culture something where people can.  be free to be all that they can be and.  be free to nurture the human creative.  spirit because if we are allowed to.  create the way we should and the way we.  want to the way we inherently feel we.  need to inside everybody wants to create.  something everybody wants to do.  something of value if we were allowed to.  do this I think the potential of the.  human race would surpass anybody"s.  wildest dreams I think we are capable of.  so much folks if we can simply.  remember what our power is and use that.  power to bring this system under control.  but that"s only going to happen from a.  mutual respect that"s why I find it so.  annoying to see people attacking other.  people all the time people watching hate.  campaigns against other people people.  attacking other researchers rather than.  focusing on the cause of the problem.  which is the system itself which exists.  simply due to the division of our.  society and all of this division.  ultimately comes from a lack of respect.  a lack of respect for each other and a.  lack of respect for ourselves and that.  is one of the most difficult things for.  people to face because most people.  locked into the ego of believing they.  are a divine creature that exists at the.  top of the universal food chain rather.  than realizing that all of creation is.  divine every creature comes from divine.  every creature holds a spark of the.  divine every person in every animal.  every insect every tree every Rock every.  drop of water every blade of grass.  everything holds a spark of the divine.  otherwise it would not be here and once.  mankind learns that and we live our.  lives in like ash with all of creation.  then things will just change folks we.  Kittel quite literally change the world.  in three seconds if we would have just.  operated in this manner and feel this.  connection that we have to all of.  creation because it"s there and it comes.  from respect folks and in order to get.  that respect for yourself all you really.  need to do is know who and what you are.  this is why I"ve softened talked about.  how it all works and how reality works.  and talked about the measurement problem.  and the nature of atoms and the nature.  of reality in the electric universe.  because once you understand these things.  folks and really begin to comprehend it.  and let it sink in then any animosity.  you have towards other people is.  replaced by pure amazement for reality.  itself.  well works for me anyway it"s always.  been something that I"ve used and it"s.  always provided me with a wonderful.  calmness and a feeling that I can.  achieve anything that I want to achieve.  by simply applying myself I believe the.  rest of the human race can do this - I.  think it"s break time here folks so I"m.  gonna have to leave her there for now.  and we"ll go and have a break it"s a.  pleasure having your company on the air.  with me today and I"ll speak to you.  again in a few minutes thanks for.  listening and welcome back ladies and.  gentlemen.  so yes folks when you really look at.  things you can see that there are a.  great many methods of control that are.  used against us and many of these.  methods are very subtle folks there"s.  the distraction to social and economic.  distractions that we"re always subject.  to the social and economic division the.  we"re subject to but ultimately it.  always does come back to division.  division is in fact the main method of.  control that has been used against us.  because even though a lot of the.  problems we face have their basis in the.  economic model that we are all forced to.  adhere to and through the implementation.  of the economic model they"re able to.  deprive certain people of certain things.  and give other people certain things.  depending on how much they exploit.  others and so we"re all judged from our.  possessions and so it automatically.  creates division right there within the.  social structure and it isn"t just.  social division racial division and.  economic division that"s used against us.  there are other forms as well and it"s.  very subtle it happens in many many ways.  one of the most effective ways though is.  the division of the sexes and really.  what"s been done to sex in our society.  our whole perception of sex I mean sex.  is a very natural thing it"s as natural.  as breathing eating and sleeping there.  is nothing wrong with procreation and.  there"s nothing dirty about procreation.  but we"re given a very strange view of.  what sex is and how it fits into our.  society this is very much used to divide.  us as well to the.  artists from not only the opposite.  gender but also to divide us from our.  selves and divide us from our deepest.  feelings.  we"re always taught that sex is.  something dirty.  and yet it"s splashed around everywhere.  right in front of us and used to sell.  everything and this creates a schism in.  the human psyche that"s one method that.  they use to control us because it puts.  you in a strange mental state rough from.  the very beginning simply because it is.  such a basic urge and a basic bodily.  function and something that is.  absolutely natural and yet it"s.  portrayed as something incredibly.  unnatural and something taboo that we.  must never talk about even though as I.  said it"s always put right in your face.  and used to sell or market virtually.  everything on the planet of course the.  people that are most susceptible to this.  type of programming are children just as.  they"re coming into adolescence and.  they"re finding out about their own.  sexuality and so this sexual division.  this basic attraction that you"re not.  allowed to acknowledge gets.  indoctrinated into them through their.  years in school and then they grow up.  with these sexual values and they apply.  them to their adult lives this is of.  course why the pop industry is used so.  much to promote of this in-your-face.  sexuality to the children at a very.  early age I like to activate this in the.  kids as much as possible because once.  you can put it there and then say don"t.  touch it creates that schism very early.  in human consciousness so really is.  interesting when you begin to look at.  all of these things folks and you really.  see how the human psyche has been.  bombarded from virtually all directions.  everything that we are given is designed.  to manipulate our senses and usually.  what it presents us with is something.  that is the opposite of what we should.  be doing and the opposite of what we are.  the opposite of what reality is like the.  way I said the way they portrays sex as.  something dirty and taboo and yet it"s.  something completely natural so has the.  reverse meaning of what it really is and.  as I"ve often pointed out the difference.  between what is legal and what is lawful.  when legal looks like the law but really.  it just takes.  rights away where his law gives you your.  rights so again it"s something that"s.  presented to you but it has a reverse.  meaning and they"ve done this with.  virtually every aspect of our.  consciousness in our society in all of.  the things that they bombard you with.  even the false reality that you see on.  TV.  and most people only believe that which.  they see on TV now and yet TV offers.  them a false reality that they think is.  real all the wars that are fought for.  the wrong reasons.  were always told that these wars are.  being fought to free people we really.  did not do being fought to oppress.  people we"re told that the world a.  Health Organization is there to look.  after our health but really it"s there.  to take it away all of the things that.  they give us and everything they bombard.  us with is designed to create this.  schism within human consciousness so we.  never really know what"s going on so it.  can never really find a way out of the.  maze that we"re kept in and it truly is.  a maze folks it really is I mean I"ve.  looked at so many different aspects of.  it and I"ve presented many aspects of it.  to you here on the show sometimes not.  always things that people have agree.  with or want to look at but still I.  think it"s important to examine all.  sides of things because unless you"re.  prepared to look at everything you"re.  never really going to find a way out of.  this maze you"re never gonna find where.  the chink in the armor of the system is.  and I think it"s important to examine.  all issues and it"s important to keep an.  open mind when you"re looking at things.  don"t take anything on as gospel don"t.  take anything on as the absolute truth.  and don"t take anything on as the silver.  bullet.  well nothing external to yourself anyway.  because ultimately there is only one.  silver bullet and that silver bullet is.  each individual out there the silver.  bullet is you coming into your own power.  so it"s good to look at what other.  people offer it"s good to look at.  suggestions that people give us for what.  the ultimate problem may be and what the.  ultimate solution may be but it"s always.  good to understand that these are.  opinions and perspectives that have been.  given to you by other people.  and ultimately the real power lies.  within yourself and that"s saying that I.  very much tried to help people.  understand on this show I"ve encouraged.  people to look at all the information.  that they can find but ultimately to.  understand that it is just people"s.  perspective and that the real power that.  they"re looking for lies within.  themselves it"s funny you know folks.  because I look at this system and to me.  I see it as such a simple thing to fix.  people look at it and they say oh it"s.  so complicated we"ll never get through.  it but really I think it"s just so.  simple and I"ve often said that all it.  would really take would be respect if we.  had respect for each other we could.  change the world in 3 seconds this has.  been a mantra of mine for almost six.  years and it"s true because if you think.  about it when you really do understand.  what your body is and you do really.  understand where you come from what.  energy is how the universe works and you.  see the pure wonder of it and stand back.  in amazement as I said when I look at.  reality I"m amazed that I can even.  perceive things around me I"m amazed at.  the whole experience it"s absolutely.  incredible.  and everything that happens in my life.  all of the good things that happen in my.  life come to me because I do good things.  for other people and I"m convinced of.  this folks I"m absolutely convinced of.  it did anything good that comes to me is.  because of good that I"ve done I"m.  absolutely convinced of it and I"ve seen.  it in action I"ve done things for people.  with absolutely no thought of getting.  anything in return for doing that act.  and almost instantly I"ve had something.  happen which has given me back that.  which I gave and this has happened to me.  so many times so it"s way beyond.  coincidence and it doesn"t even make me.  think anymore I just allow it to happen.  I don"t expect it to happen but I allow.  it to happen when it does.  giving is so important folks that"s so.  empowering it really is and something.  that I"ve realized is that every time.  you hold back every time you fail to.  give what you are doing is taking from.  yourself and I know that"s probably.  difficult to understand but when you.  hold back and don"t give and I"m not.  saying when you take but when you hold.  back from giving you are actually taking.  from yourself because when you give.  unconditionally to people the universe.  looks after you in ways that you would.  never expect but you don"t get that the.  universe will pay you no attention.  unless you"re paying attention to it and.  that"s the way I live my life I treat.  people as myself I don"t pretend that.  I"m somebody else and I"m around other.  people I"m just me and that"s what I am.  and I treat every person as I would be.  treated I treat every person as if they.  are me I give them the respect that I.  feel for myself that"s the thing it.  isn"t that I give them respect because I.  believe they deserve respect or they"ve.  earned respect or anything like that I.  respect them as I respect myself because.  I do respect myself.  I can understand that I"ve had problems.  I"ve not always been a great person I"ve.  had my ups and downs I"ve had moments in.  my life when I was probably my own worst.  enemy but I"ve gotten through it and.  I"ve become the person that I am today.  and I respect that person and so I"m.  able to respect other people and you.  imagine if everybody did this if.  everybody respected everybody else the.  way they respect themselves and put the.  ego away there"s no ego in respecting.  yourself it"s not about ego it"s not.  about how great you are it"s just about.  respecting your integrity respecting.  your perspective respecting you for the.  individual frequency of consciousness.  that you are the individual expression.  of creation that you are and the unique.  perspective that you hold and realizing.  that everybody has.  everybody is exactly that we may be.  vastly different from each other but.  ultimately we are exactly the same and.  we can be both we can be completely.  different and absolutely the same at the.  same time that"s the way creation works.  when you really understand how all this.  works folks respect for others comes by.  default and if people did that.  then the whole system would just fall.  down we wouldn"t have to worry about the.  chemtrail pilots we wouldn"t have to.  worry about the soldiers we wouldn"t.  have to worry about the police because.  suddenly everybody would respect each.  other and the world would simply change.  by default we wouldn"t need any of these.  organizations to me that"s what amazes.  me about this whole situation we"re in.  because that simple act of respect that.  simple.  changing of one"s perspective could.  change the world in three seconds if.  people were willing to do it the problem.  is that people are not willing to do it.  because people have been trained and.  indoctrinated into a certain view of.  what life is and that"s where the real.  problem lies and that"s why I believe.  it"s up to the individual to show people.  that there"s a better way you"ve got to.  lead by example in what you do put in a.  garden if you have an opportunity to put.  in a garden be all that you can be give.  to people around you give.  unconditionally to people respect people.  as you respect yourself and encourage.  others to do the same don"t put a.  monetary value on everything you do.  don"t always do things for profit and if.  you"re running a business where you need.  to make profit in order to survive well.  make the profit that you need to survive.  but don"t make exorbitant profits don"t.  rip people off for economic gain for.  yourself because by doing so is just.  exacerbating the problems that we face.  in the world is enslaved to a fictional.  economic model a fictional social system.  a system that"s designed to divide and.  conquer the human race and the main.  thing that perpetuates it is people"s.  own awareness.  of the system and people are so caught.  on the treadmill they are so willing to.  claw their way to the top because that"s.  what"s been instilled into them but I.  believe we can do better than that I.  believe we can step above that we can.  really step back and look at things for.  what they are we can find a better way I.  think we each have the power to do this.  and with every problem that we"re facing.  this is what we are being given we"re.  being given an opportunity to do this we.  just have to realize it and that"s what.  it is you know here in the world in 2013.  with what"s going on around the planet.  the huge demonstrations that are.  happening everywhere the world really.  does stand on the edge of a knife right.  now human consciousness could.  conceivably go in any one of a number of.  directions depending on the outcome of.  things that are happening right now and.  all this depends on your participation.  all of this depends on what you out.  there listening to this show do with the.  information that comes to you all the.  people involved in the revolutions in.  Egypt all the people involved in the.  revolutions in Brazil in Italy in Turkey.  all of these people know that there is.  something very much wrong with the world.  and they are willing to make a stand to.  see that we change the direction that.  we"re going in but it would appear that.  most of them are lacking direction in.  themselves and as I said we stand on the.  edge of a knife right now we could take.  the world in a wonderful direction or we.  could allow something very very terrible.  to be created from our actions as well.  and ultimately any revolution that.  Humanity stages has to be based on an.  evolution of consciousness we really.  have to change our perspective on the.  way we look at things we have to change.  our perspective of who what we are and.  how we"re going to approach the world.  what sort of a political system that we.  want.  we don"t want to just pull down one.  puppetmaster and put in another puppet.  master we need a complete restructuring.  of this system but again we can"t just.  tear it down and allow a vacuum in its.  place because that vacuum will be filled.  by something very quickly we need to.  have some workable plan formulated.  before any revolution starts we need to.  have a clear direction and a clear.  methodology that can be used to steer us.  back on track before we tear down the.  current system because where we do just.  tear it down the way we"re seeing in.  Egypt well as I said earlier now we"ve.  seen the military takeover of Egypt.  worse in a military coup the army is now.  in control and the Constitution has been.  suspended and that can never be a good.  thing even if there is a military coup I.  don"t see any reason for the.  Constitution to be suspended and so.  people will really need to pay attention.  to what they"re doing and I really.  believe that we don"t need to tear the.  system down all we need to do is step.  away from it refuse to comply with it.  understand that our public servants are.  just that they just servants they"re.  just public trustees we can hold them in.  breach of trust and we can move forward.  with new trustees that will carry out.  the will of the people and as I"ve said.  many times if we can get these trustees.  to remove the toxins from our.  environment to remove the fluoride from.  the water and to stop spraying the skies.  and feeding us pharmaceuticals and.  genetically modified crops then we"re.  going to find that humankind will come.  back on track and will come back into.  reality very quickly because I think.  these are the main things that are.  holding us back I think that once we.  have a toxin-free environment to live in.  we"re going to find that reality is very.  very different what we thought it was.  anyway that"s why it"s no good trying to.  just restructure and use form of govern.  and go on from where we are we need to.  really really focus on removing these.  toxins from our environment that needs.  to be the first step of any move that we.  have.  because that will work to awaken us and.  I think that once we awaken to what is.  really going on here and actually awaken.  to what we"re really capable of then the.  world will be vastly different it"s very.  hard to structure a world from our.  current point of consciousness folks.  because we"re so biologically locked.  down so biologically electromagnetically.  and spiritually locked down that we.  don"t really have a true concept of what.  reality is so how do you structure a.  system from this perspective of.  consciousness you have to allow mankind.  to come back online you have to allow.  the human spirit to redevelopment.  because we"ve been kept in the dark for.  so long and any type of new structure.  that we create from this perspective of.  consciousness is not really going to be.  what we need anyway so I really do.  believe that the best option is to just.  rein this one in get rid of all the.  toxins from our environment and then.  just allow a natural progression from.  that point because I think it will be a.  natural progression is what I was saying.  to someone when I was talking about the.  zeitgeist movement one day when I was.  talking about wanting to build something.  like The Venus Project and my argument.  was that we are so physically and.  biologically locked down at the moment.  and my belief was that if we could reign.  the government in to the point where it.  would allow us to build something like.  The Venus Project.  by the time we had a halfway finished.  we"d realize that we didn"t need it.  because it"s been conceived from within.  a very locked down perspective of.  reality and I believe if we were able to.  come back online biologically and.  electromagnetic lee and spiritually come.  back online we"d find that we didn"t.  need anything like the Venus Project I.  don"t think we would even need half of.  the technology that we"ve got folks I.  think we are capable of so much more.  than what we believe and I think that if.  our pineal was open and we"re allowed to.  live in a toxin-free world we would find.  this out very quickly and what we are.  actually capable of I believe would.  quite literally stun people you"ve just.  got to look at some of the things.  they"re showing to do folks some of the.  things the yolk.  do some of the things the Shaolin monks.  do people who are in control of their.  physicality and they"re in control of.  their electricity and they"re in control.  of their Chi the Chi energy some of the.  things that these people can do are.  quite literally amazing folks and all.  people are capable of these things it"s.  just that we are given a very very box.  of view of reality we"re kept locked.  within belief systems that are not our.  own.  we"re also kept it biologically.  disconnected via the toxins that are put.  into our body and not just the toxins of.  course folks is also the electromagnetic.  pollution that we are forced to survive.  in as well we"re swimming in this all.  the time because we are electrical.  beings everything we experience is.  electric and we are kept in a very very.  polluted electrical environment and I.  believe this also affects us quite.  significantly so the question is folks.  how do we get out of this situation how.  do we find a way back to where we should.  be well we are seen in global movements.  we are seeing people pay attention to.  what"s going on and we"re seeing a lot.  of people realize that we need change.  and I believe that all we really need to.  do is for these people to understand the.  power of themselves and to start.  respecting the people around them as.  much as they respect themselves.  unfortunately there are always people.  who will simply jump on board any.  revolution any public gathering there.  are people who want to go along there.  and stir up trouble and just make it.  into an exciting experience there are.  many people who perhaps don"t have the.  best intentions in what they do and this.  makes it even more important to act in.  respect for what you do I believe public.  rallies can really help.  I believe public information rallies can.  really help but I don"t really see the.  point in simply marching for change.  unless you have some positive and.  concise direction that you"re going to.  be going in.  I think the spreading of information is.  really the most important thing.  to do as long as it is the right.  information they"ll think that if people.  are spreading information about human.  consciousness and about who or what we.  really are I think this can be highly.  beneficial in bringing about positive.  change I think it really helps if people.  understand the how reality works it"s.  been a big thing for me anyway it"s.  something that I"ve always used to gain.  personal empowerment it"s something that.  really motivates me to do what I do even.  with these radio shows because I know.  who and what I am and I know that we.  could have a better world if people.  simply understood who and what they are.  I think it"s a big part of it folks and.  that"s why I focus on it so much and I.  think really if you look at it it is.  what is the basis of the whole free man.  movement it"s what is the whole basis of.  the alternative research.  movement folks it"s people who know who.  and what they are and who have had.  enough of people dictating their lives.  for them and people dictating what is.  right and what is wrong and people.  dictating what can and can"t be done and.  people controlling the lives of other.  people I think people have had enough.  and the ones that are speaking out of.  those who have finally realized that.  they are worth so much more than what.  this system allows them to be and have.  realized that the system only really.  exists because of our ignorance of the.  system and our ignorance of our own.  power to bring about change within the.  system because the system as I"ve said.  folks is just fiction we made the whole.  thing up and so we can fix it.  anytime we choose to but the first step.  in doing that is understanding who and.  what we are and when we do understand.  who or what we are the respect that I.  often talk about that we need to have.  for ourselves comes by default and when.  you do truly respect yourself then.  respect for others is also just a.  natural progression from that point.  forward and that"s how you bring about.  change folks all you"ll do is look in.  the mirror and see the power of that.  person standing there and know that.  everything that is being done on this.  planet is the result of the actions.  for mankind and that is what you are.  that is what we all are and that is why.  it is up to us to bring about the change.  ourselves what we"re getting close to.  the end of this show here folks.  I really don"t know how many more of.  these shows I"m going to do to be honest.  I"ve got so much on my plate at the.  moment and I really do believe that I"ve.  said all that I can say on these radio.  shows I"ve been doing this for about six.  years now almost six years and I"ve.  presented the same information for you.  in so many different ways now that.  sometimes I feel that by adding more to.  it I"m simply diluting the information.  that I"ve already put out there I"ve.  also been offered a show on David Ickes.  new television station that is opening.  I"m wondering whether to do this and.  whether not to do it I have thought.  about it it is a very very big task.  though producing a television show every.  week it"s almost a full-time job and.  something could all be doing for no pay.  and so I"m not sure whether I will be.  going ahead with that I"m thinking about.  it but as I said it"s not something that.  I can do on my own if you do live in.  Australia and you are someone that has.  any experience in that sort of thing.  perhaps you might want to contact me and.  perhaps we could work together to see.  what we could come up with I think the.  TV station that is opening is a.  wonderful opportunity to be able to get.  information out to even more people and.  perhaps take things to the next level.  but again it"s still something that I.  need to weigh up and decide whether it"s.  what I really want to do so as I said if.  you are someone out there who has any.  expertise or knowledge or would like to.  be involved in a project like that.  please do feel free to contact me and we.  can see what we can work out we"re.  pretty there another month or so to see.  if we can put together something viable.  and if we can well that could be another.  good method of getting the word out to.  people but I know I can"t continue doing.  what I"m doing for too much longer folks.  it has been a one-man show the whole.  thing for the last six years.  crow house website the YouTube channel.  the radio shows the films that I"ve made.  everything that I"ve done it"s all been.  from the actions of one person that"s.  myself and I must thank everybody for.  the support that you show me and I still.  very much need it so thank you again to.  anybody who does help me with the crow.  house and thank you to anybody who has.  ever made a donation it"s very very.  needed very few and far between because.  we are all facing some pretty difficult.  economic times at the moment but thank.  you very much for those who have.  contributed but folks I"m getting old.  and I"m getting worn a little thin so.  we"ll just have to see how much longer I.  can continue doing this but I think.  that"s it for me folks I think we"ve run.  out of time now and so I"m going to have.  to leave it there thank you for spending.  this time with me on the air today it"s.  a pleasure to come and talk to you every.  week I"ll look forward to speaking to.  you again next week please take a good.  care until then in luck ash.  
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  1. i did an interview about forced adoption with TPV but never heard abet from them….I would admire so that you just can focus on this topic extra Max Igan….and would be contented to allotment my possess analysis and abilities of this.

  2. If I thought the realm was to forestall ruled by this most modern kakastrocacy and no commerce was to come abet about and there was no light on the pause of the tunnel, I feel I will if fact be told narrate I'd rather there not be an earth here for us to proceed to rape and abuse. And in that, it would give a atomize and pieace to harmless of us which would possibly perchance be raped, and likewise abused , and likewise used as a collateral dynamo for the wonderful rich which comes on the detriment to underdogs physical + mental successfully being.Witnessing the extreme commerce interior my community right thru the final 3 years, while the hundreds themselves appear to be blind to what's being slipped and manoeuvred below their noses, the total while this govt is killing off the lower classes with poverty, but not correct that! the of us themselves are led to deem that they themselves are to be fully blamed as to the beefy extent of their low, grim socio-financial impart and the disgrace and the feeling of that they’ve failed according to this incorrect, superficial and egotistical society that goes along with itis a not easy tablet for me to swallow.What a shitty impart this world has change into in appreciate to non secular wealth and wellbeing.The kakastrocacy has done a correct job up to now in starting the demise and cull of the lower classers.Man would possibly be the most grasping, defective, consciously frightful and vivid now to not mention violent and darkly natured mammal bodied aware carrying vessel acknowledged to this planet!However I’m removed from describing the human urge as a total there, am talking referring to the few who possess continued to prosper and get wealthier to the detriment of the assorted!However it's our possess fault because the hundreds to allow this to proceed and to preserve on in this sort of so known as vivid, mental tutorial generation were we are on the pretapis of uncovering many discoveries but it the truth is's the style in spiritual being and allotment of man that am in; on memoir of I deem it's this allotment of our physique we can develop and evolve to conquer this customary generation of oppression, that goes abet a lengthy manner.As max igan says himself: we possess got to be taught who and what we are and what our correct potential is and would be.I deem there's extra to us than oppression, loss of life, battle and destruction.If your were to be aware on the flip aspect to that coin then are you able to birth to deem the chances?There will at all times be a dark aspect to man; which peaceable to this demonstrate day intrigues us. as chances are high you’ll well't possess one with out the more than a few.It’s seemingly you’ll well perchance't possess the wonderful saints with out the frightful sinners, but let the hundreds possess a narrate for a commerce! Let these humourless, deadpan and featured percentage of the urge exercise a abet seat for a cramped; which I dont assume they would let happen while their alive and breathing unfortunately but what's the different? Correct be aware these fuckers till we possess got killed ourselves and the earth?I narrate for the edifying of humanity, earth and all its magnificence and lifestyles contained interior it; then put a stop to them breathing and maintaining the ills of this society alive if that's what it takes on memoir of it's simplest what they possess been doing to us for the reason that starting of time and I dont like the appears to be of the build aside things are going for our so known as future. If I used to be to quote Alan whatts; he would narrate: there would possibly be no such thing because the future! We can’t affect this but we can identify things from the here and now here’s it! This moment appropriate now would possibly perchance be what counts, we possess got a desire what we invent with it.We can't affect the future but I deem we can plant a seed for fresh enhance and commerce, an with a new obvious evolution for mankind.I narrate birth again from our grassroots up and seize the finest and most first charge of us from our community's to least strive to intervene in what these warmongering aresholes possess got deliberate.Its gonna be no indicate feat by any technique on memoir of they retain the reins, but the truth is if the universe knew a gracious amount of this human urge wished commerce for the edifying an a commerce of hands was in line then the truth is it would tilt the scales or finally give em a nuge in our direction.Or even its looking out at and waiting??

  3. I’m contented you kept going! However must narrate that intercourse is correct for procreation in its most easy kind. I will be able to’t agree that’s natural – if something it’s far an enslavement of spirit. One who can atomize this curse – has an means to remodel into free energy and can in actuality create matter! We’re great extra than we led to deem.

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