Trump 2016- 1. The Secret to Success

Trump 2016- 1. The Secret to Success

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8 thoughts on “Trump 2016- 1. The Secret to Success”

  1. I've notion from the foundation that indulge in a wrestling match Trump will snort something that could salvage him thrown out of the republican nomination (on motive) and could bustle as a third event to salvage Hillary elected.

  2. Hey..what about the remainder of Obama's Deadly Sins Series? Would purchase to hear your glean on the particular person silent running the “ship of dispute” for the next 16 months earlier than beginning on candidates that won't salvage it previous the primaries??

  3. LMAO @ the SELF LOATHING leftist PIGS running in FEAR from TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…BOTTOM LINE…Trump can govern BETTER than the homosexual community organizer/crackhead for the time being residing within the white dwelling…FACT…Hillary Clinton is a damned dreary criminal and elitist pig….Bernie is correct a communist moron…Trump has NO competition…Biden the creepy extinct guy…LMAO..nope…Warren, the liar and misrepresenting THIEF?…LMAO…nope….TRUMP 2016!!!

  4. I'm honestly focused on WW3. Every day I near upon thousands of of us who’re better off 6 toes below. Our self absorbed, self entitled, free handouts loving society will salvage exactly what it deserves. Let's salvage this screen on the highway.

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