SOLA 4.29 How Governments Deal With Dissent

SOLA 4.29 How Governments Deal With Dissent

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8 thoughts on “SOLA 4.29 How Governments Deal With Dissent”

  1. Thanks.  U overlooked Admiral Borda.  Resigned from the Pentagon on tale of they r a bunch of traitors and r planning to present the west circulate to China, the use of US boats to bring them on shore. 2 bullets to the high suicide.  I have confidence about his loving family mute steal an online plight exposing his demise as abolish.  Thanks all once more.

  2. about congressman Larry Mcdonald who died when his aircraft “flight 007” turned into shot down by a russian aircraft over korea. you dont fetch more james bond than that. i mediate this might deserve to had been somebodys thought of a shaggy dog myth and parts of this myth are seemingly fraudulent. it reeks of propaganda.

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