I am a doctor and I now know the actual fact about vaccines #vaxxed #DidYouKnow #Praybig

what do you talk to all um primary care in psychiatry Tom McCarron psychology yes okay and so um how many children do you have now I have two boys that are living there living and was your daughter yeah she"s my youngest she"s our youngest okay so when you were pregnant with her what was your thoughts on vaccines then um well I had two close friends who questioned them but and I listened very 9in judgmental but I decided to talk to my pediatrician about it and go to the CDC website and then I was just kind of overwhelmed with the decision and really when I brought up my pediatrician he said will you keep me my practice if you don"t vaccinate and so when you were training to be a psychiatrist a doctor they did any vaccine conversation ever come in on on dr. Whitewood but did you ever learn anything about it no and in medical school immunology classes if you you really don"t you learn the science of antibodies and things like that but