Deep Direct Abilities is A long time Sooner than Commercial Abilities

Deep Direct Abilities is A long time Sooner than Commercial Abilities


It"s a truism of conspiracy research: Whatever technology is available to the public is decades behind what is available to the deep state. As researchers well know, there are many specific examples of this from the annals of tech history. This is one such example.
hello friends james corbett here. and i"m just here.  today with a quick observation on.  something that has long been pointed out.  in the alternative media but i think we.  need to stop and really reflect on the.  deeper significance of and that is the.  old adage that whatever deep state.  technology exists whatever DARPA or.  whatever alphabet soup agency is working.  on in the skunk works at the Pentagon or.  elsewhere is decades ahead of the.  technology that is commercially.  available as I say this is something of.  a truism amongst independent media and.  researchers and it"s something that.  strikes home time and time again as.  certainly as I am doing research on the.  deep state and its various projects and.  and tentacles it comes up over and over.  and and that just came up in some.  research that I"m doing for a report.  that I"m currently working on behind the.  scenes so I wanted to share this.  particular just little gem of an insight.  with you which really struck home for me.  to once again bring that that abstract.  idea whom I"m talking specifically about.  something that I"m sure we"ve all seen.  in recent years but if not here"s a.  brief glimpse of it this is the old.  Boston Dynamics footage of the workers.  trying to basically act as gremlins of.  some sort trying to get the robots off.  of the tasks that they"re performing.  [Applause].  [Applause].  [Music].  now as I say you probably have seen that.  footage before that video did go viral a.  few years ago when Boston Dynamics.  released it because it does seem to.  pretend the uber the beginning of the.  robot apocalypse as many people.  commented on in the various fora and in.  the YouTube video itself where this was.  posted people were saying this is the.  birth of Skynet and things like that.  because it does play on our natural.  human sympathies towards anything.  humanoid or humanoid creatures or.  animals or what-have-you oh look at the.  poor dog look at the poor horse look at.  the poor robot look at the way they"re.  treating it and that was a common theme.  in the comments for that video and it.  was part of the reason I think that went.  viral part of the overall agenda towards.  the humanization of robots that I"ve.  talked about here on the program before.  but this occurs to me in a specific.  context specifically I was doing some.  research on AI am doing some research on.  a podcast that I"m working on and I came.  across the Stanford Research Institute.  which of course was part of Stanford.  University but was spun off from.  Stanford is not officially linked to.  Stanford University anymore because of.  pressure brought to bear on the.  university by Vietnam war protesters.  back in the late 60s early 70s focusing.  on the Stanford Research Institute and.  its many government military contracts.  especially with the Advanced Research.  Projects Agency ARPA now known today as.  DARPA and the many military contracts.  that were flowing into the Stanford.  Research Institute at that time but in.  that time period in the night late 1960s.  early 1970s Stanford Research Institute.  was home to amongst other things the.  artificial intelligence Center yes you.  think artificial intelligence and all.  this AI research is brand-new and.  cutting-edge but it"s been around for.  over half a century at institutions like.  Stanford funded of course by the.  Pentagon and one of the projects that.  the artificial intelligence Center was.  working on at that time was shakey the.  robot the world"s first semi-autonomous.  robot that can read respond to and.  interact with objects in its environment.  and adjust its behavior accordingly.  without further human input.  and if this Boston Dynamics footage came.  to mind because as you"re about to see.  it"s interesting the ways that they were.  treating this robot that they had.  created including using gremlins to try.  to knock it off its course a feature of.  the intermediate level actions is their.  ability to recover from unforeseen.  accidents a gremlin Charlie symbolizes.  an agent of change unknown -.  shakey-shakey sensors tell him that the.  box have slipped off the bush bar but.  it"s a twisters tell him where the box.  is so he can get behind it and resume.  pushing.  I I think that is interesting personally.  that really struck home with me because.  as I say I immediately thought of that.  Boston Dynamics footage and how we are.  tempted to believe that we are living on.  the cutting edge of technology in.  whatever I fondle slab or whatever else.  that the the big tech companies are.  releasing is the cutting edge of.  technology it was under M tough.  mere years ago and here it is in your.  hands and you are on the cutting edge.  and you have the most up-to-date no you.  don"t you have technology that was being.  developed decades ago and not even.  necessarily in secret like shakey the.  robot is not it was not a classified.  program they made promotional films of.  it even at that time obviously most of.  the public would never have seen that.  but it wasn"t exactly classified you.  could have found out more information.  about it and and it was an unclassified.  project imagine what they have going on.  in the classified projects that were not.  allowed to know well.  more about that in the upcoming podcast.  that I"m referring to but as I say this.  is just a window into that insight that.  again we"ve all heard but it"s it helps.  to have visual examples of from time to.  time that the cutting edge latest.  technology is often things that have.  been worked on and and developed half a.  century ago that"s just being modernized.  and I"m sure developed I"m sure it is.  further progress than shaky the robot.  there are differences but the concept.  was there for a very long time and as I.  say who knows what"s going on in the.  classified programs and this is.  particularly important when it comes to.  what we really think is the cutting edge.  of cutting edge of newest technologies.  that"s going to shape and change the.  world that we live in something like oh.  I don"t know deep fakes imagine this for.  a second one man with total control of.  billions of people stolen data all their.  secrets their lives their futures I owe.  it all to Spectre Spectre showed me that.  whoever controls the data controls the.  future.  yes in case you hadn"t seen it that was.  the latest deep fake that"s hitting the.  news right now is posted to Instagram.  it"s a deep fake of Mark Zuckerberg.  obviously saying something that he never.  said and you can find the original.  source footage that that was taken from.  and and I mean it may be there it"s.  detectable as a deep fake if you"re.  really looking at it but if you if you.  just came across that in a news feed and.  it wasn"t so obviously over the top.  you might just okay well that"s another.  statement from Zuckerberg without.  batting an eyelid and that is the.  commercially available deep fake.  technology that we already have access.  to as just regular consumers in the.  world again let"s keep this in mind in.  the context of whatever technology is.  the cutting-edge commercially is decades.  behind whatever is being developed.  behind the scenes can you imagine how.  much more thoroughly convincing the deep.  fake technology of DARPA.  or whoever else whatever government.  agency alphabet supers have behind the.  scenes and as one window into that I.  will point you back to don"t believe.  your lying eyes a video that I did a.  couple of years ago now pointing out as.  and reader emailed me with the tip that.  you know they were talking about this.  exact technology two decades ago in the.  MIT Technology Review they were talking.  about essentially deep fakes at that.  time two decades ago again this is not.  new technology and it has been developed.  even commercially for a very long time.  let alone again can you imagine what is.  going on in classified programs that you.  or I that neither you nor I have access.  to again it"s an important point we may.  know something in the abstract and kind.  of have that as a thought in the back of.  our minds but we need it in the.  forefront of our minds when we"re.  confronting stories like this because as.  much as commercially available deep fake.  technology is going to truly change the.  way that we"re interacting with the.  world of information that"s coming to us.  from all of these mediated devices we.  should already have that in mind in.  terms of anything that we are seeing can.  be and presumably int in some cases is.  being manipulated in a similar way.  and again if we understand consciously.  that what we"re seeing is decades behind.  where the real technology lies we might.  have a grasp on this it"s a very deep.  subject but I hope this just provides a.  little window into it and and gets you.  thinking along those lines I think.  there"s a lot of interesting discussion.  to be had about this topic in general.  but that"s going to do it for today i"m.  james corbett of  looking forward to talking to you again.  very soon.  
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