CERN WATCH: Tower of Babel, Photo voltaic Eclipse, and the Moon Hologram

CERN WATCH: Tower of Babel, Photo voltaic Eclipse, and the Moon Hologram

CERN is about to restart their Large Hadron Collider to experiment again with particle physics in order to “break physics” and search for something that is beyond reality. Could this mean the destruction to humanity as we know it? In this video, I take a look at why I think CERN and the LHC is a modern day Tower of Babel, and how some of occultists are trying to usher in the Antichrist figure by using these experiments as rituals. I also talk about the connection between it and the Solar Eclipse that will happen on the 20th of March, and the third Tetrad blood moon on April 4th. And to top it off, the most out of the box report of a YouTuber named Crrow777 who believes the moon is a hologram and that the entire solar system is a fake. I’m seeking opinions on that one. 

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hey how"s it going guys guns here with.  another video for the face like the Sun.  YouTube channel.  this is CERN watch 2015 we"re gonna be.  keeping track of CERN and the Large.  Hadron Collider I"m sure you guys are.  all very familiar with it now the reason.  why I"m making this video today and you.  know I"ve been thinking about doing this.  video for a while or at least starting a.  CERN watch for a while because they are.  gonna flip on the Large Hadron Collider.  about nine days from what I"m recording.  this today on March 15th and they"re.  gonna try to up the ante they"re gonna.  double the power and energy that they.  used a couple years ago to find the.  Higgs boson so you know a lot of people.  are concerned about this experiment but.  the reason why I was really prompted to.  make the video was because on a show.  called ground zero with Clyde Lewis and.  I"ve actually promoted this show in a.  couple videos in the past basically it"s.  a show that"s out there you can download.  the podcast I usually describe it as the.  show that coast to coast am was supposed.  to be and but you know they go through a.  lot of cool things and they"re open to.  the biblical view not that Costa costa.  am isn"t but you know they"re definitely.  not a Christian show so just a fair.  warning for any Christians out there.  that might be interested in listening to.  this show but they had an episode last.  night called Nimrod technology and if.  you look at the image the hues for the.  show it was pretty much the cover of my.  age of deceit - along with artwork I.  made for a article I posted on the face.  like the Sun blog that I posted in.  December called the Tower of Babel and.  particle accelerators and he actually.  lifts not lifted I mean he took a good.  chunk of my article and threw it into.  his long expose here and I really don"t.  mind you know I don"t care that he did.  that I think the information is more.  important than you know necessarily.  sourcing it although I was a little bit.  kind of taken aback you know he was.  reading parts of his own article which.  was lifted from my article on the show.  and I thought man this sounds really.  familiar and I checked in on it and sure.  enough.  he took it from my blog post which is.  supposed to be a chapter in the book.  that I"m writing now and so basically.  what I argue in the blog post is that a.  few things but mainly the the thing that.  I thought was interesting was that in.  the book of Jasher it talks about the.  size of the Tower of Babel and I thought.  it was very interesting here"s the quote.  from Josh ER and asked to the tower.  which the sons of men built the earth.  opened its mouth and swallowed up 1/3.  part thereof and a fire also descended.  from heaven and burned another third and.  the other third is left to this day and.  it is of that part which was aloft and.  its circumference is three days walk now.  I took a look a days walk in the.  communications and it"s called a Dedic.  Yom and basically a direction is.  approximately 10 Paris Ang"s and if you.  sort of measure it out a single Paris a".  is considered to be about two point four.  to two point eight miles if you do this.  times ten you"re talking about.  twenty-eight point eight miles so that"s.  one dead echo multiply that by three and.  you have somewhere between 72 and eighty.  six point four miles because the.  circumference of the third that was left.  according to Jasher is a three days walk.  now multiply that by a third because.  remember the earth took a third the fire.  from heaven took a third and a third was.  left and that third that was left is a.  three days walk so if you calculate it.  all out we"re talking about the Tower of.  Babel being the circumference of.  somewhere between 216 and 259 miles in.  diameter okay so if we"re talking about.  something that big it"s a little bit.  different from what we"re used to.  thinking of the tower just being a.  ziggurat or just a tall tower and.  compare that to CERN and CERN right now.  is 27 kilometers which I believe is.  about 17 miles and 17 miles is far less.  than 259 miles but the speculation that.  I proposed is that perhaps what they.  were trying to do back in the days of.  the Tower.  Babel was not unlike what CERN is doing.  now and furthermore you know I cite this.  thing called desert Ron this was a.  proposed particle accelerator for the.  United States and this was supposed to.  be built in wax a Hachi Texas back in.  the late 1980s and the goal was to.  produce an 87 point one kilometer.  diameter particle accelerator which.  calculates out to about 54 miles so.  about twice the size of CERN and so you.  know I thought it was interesting that.  if we"re able to scale this particle.  accelerator double the size and that"s.  what was proposed back in the 80s and it.  got started but Congress cancelled it.  back in 1993 because of budget cuts.  allegedly anyway you know if they"re.  doing that now I don"t think it"s that.  far off that they were trying to do.  something very similar back in the days.  of Babel because remember with the Tower.  of Babel we read in Genesis 11 that God.  said that nothing that they imagined to.  do will be impossible for them so again.  this is something that you know I.  thought was very interesting I"m not.  saying the book of Jasher is inspired or.  it"s you know above the Word of God but.  if it is a historical document which I.  believe it is and it speaks in to some.  of the things that the Bible talks about.  I think it informs us as to you know.  what we"re looking for now in terms of.  CERN today now there"s a lot of articles.  out there right now the BBC came out.  with an article called LHC restart we.  want to break physics and basically you.  know these guys are saying that instead.  of trying to test the truth of the.  theory that they"ve put forth which.  allegedly is pretty good but they"re.  saying you know we don"t want it to be.  good we want to break that theory and so.  here"s the full quote so instead of.  trying to test the truth of this theory.  what we really want to do now is break.  it to show where it stops reflecting.  reality that"s the only way we"re going.  to make progress this is fascinating.  this comes from dr. Stephen Goldfarb who.  is a physicist and why are they trying.  to break physics to show where it stops.  reflecting reality if not for the desire.  to.  open gateways to open portals into extra.  dimensions and in fact there are plenty.  of sources that say that you know what.  they"ve been trying to do is open up.  different portals and look into.  different dimensions you know there"s an.  article that I cited in one of my.  lectures from a couple years ago where.  they talked about this they said yeah we.  should be able to look into alternate.  dimensions and that"s what we"re kind of.  looking for and so this is very very.  bizarre in terms of why they"re turning.  it back on and why it"s going to be.  pushed to double the power now along.  with this and I"m gonna include this.  subject just as part of this video.  because I think it"s interesting and I.  don"t know if it has anything.  necessarily to do with each other but at.  least throw it out there to you guys and.  give you guys a lot let you guys check.  this out and see what you think because.  I"m not quite sure what to think of it.  so here we go CERN is going to turn on.  the Large Hadron Collider on the 15th of.  March on the 20th of March just five.  days later we"re gonna see a total solar.  eclipse okay now this is only going to.  be really seen from Norway but very.  interesting why are they doing this and.  I think of course my speculation is that.  there is a cult significance to all of.  this and you know just to point out as.  well and this was pointed out in the.  episode the Nimrod technology on Ground.  Zero Nimrods wife according to some.  extra biblical text was simmer amis and.  simmer amis is also known as Isis and.  what did Isis just do Isis went into the.  city of Nimrod and began to destroy the.  artifacts even taking some of the.  artifacts out what is going on they"re.  about to turn on the Large Hadron.  Collider you have the group Isis taking.  out a Nimrod and along with that we have.  a total solar eclipse happening five.  days afterwards and then on April 4th.  2015 we"re gonna see the third of the.  tetrads the Blood Moon now you know I.  haven"t really put to much significance.  into the Blood Moon Chris White did a.  debunking of it in terms of you know.  people are saying this is the biblical.  reflection of you know what we"re.  expected to see with the Sun will be.  darkened the moon will be turned to.  blood and actually that event is I think.  accurately as Chris white points out an.  end times event that"s gonna assure in.  the day of the Lord the Lord"s wrath and.  I don"t think that"s what these blood.  moons are but it"s interesting that all.  these are taking place at the same time.  you"ve Isis taking out the city of.  Nimrod you have large hydro and Collider.  which I believe to be a modern-day Tower.  of Babel being fired up on the 15th of.  March and then you have a total solar.  eclipse the Sun will be darkened you.  know hon March 20th and then the moon.  will be turned to blood on April 4th so.  of course I think the occult are trying.  to usher in the Antichrist figure this.  is exactly what they"re trying to do now.  this is the the final piece I"m gonna.  add to this and this is kind of a side.  sort of thing but I just found it so.  fascinating I have been looking up at.  the moon every night and just it"s.  making me wonder and so here it goes.  basically there is a youtuber named crow.  with two R"s 777 and he filmed something.  that he calls the lunar wave and you.  know I"ll send you guys to the site but.  basically here"s the video of the lunar.  wave and he caught this by accident back.  in 2012 and basically what he saw is.  this lunar wave it"s this sort of.  digital looking hologram looking wave.  that moves over the the surface of the.  Moon and you know at first he thought.  you know it"s probably the camera or you.  know the compression or something like.  that but what he noticed was that when.  he moved the camera I guess he bumped at.  the camera is the official story when he.  did that usually if it"s a compression.  issue or a camera issue any kind of.  distortions that will occur on the.  object that"s on the screen will.  effectively move you know it"ll go out.  of the way or whatever well that"s not.  what happened.  what happened was the wave stayed on the.  moon which is very interesting and it.  kind of goes into you know why there"s.  some credibility into what he"s saying.  or at least some possibilities now he"s.  come out and said in his recent video.  he believes that the moon is just.  completely fake he thinks that it"s a.  fabricated system he thinks the whole.  solar system is fabricated and again you.  guys can be the judge of that but you.  know I don"t know what to think of it.  you know at first he was saying perhaps.  they"re using you know something like.  Project Blue Beam to cover up the moon.  since there they might be doing.  something weird up there and they"re.  trying to cover it up but um again you.  know I don"t know what to think and in.  terms of the Blood Moon he said that he.  caught some interesting things during.  the Blood Moon the last two of the.  tetrad so I invite you guys to check out.  this video ten lunar waves film to date.  and what we know now and then also he"s.  got another video that really summarizes.  his findings he posted it just a couple.  days ago it"s called the moon as an.  illusion and no one goes above low Earth.  orbit and he believes that the moon.  landing was a hoax and which is.  interesting coincidentally on canary cry.  radio we just had on bart sibrel who.  thought the moon landing was also a hoax.  and he has some pretty compelling.  argument ation for that so in personally.  i I don"t know man I"m having a real.  tough time in terms of really deciding.  whether or not I believe the moon.  landing was a hoax or not I tend to lean.  towards yes it was a hoax at the very.  least the footage that they filmed was a.  hoax now I"ve heard everything from yes.  we"ve been to the moon which is sort of.  the status quo to know we"ve never made.  it past the Van Allen belt because of.  the radiation there"s no way that humans.  can survive through the radiation to.  also others have said actually we have.  been to the moon but they didn"t want to.  film the things we found there so they.  had to fake the footage to make it look.  like it was much more mundane than it.  really was.  so again I really don"t know what to.  think of it I"m just trying to keep tabs.  on it and I"m trying to keep you guys.  informed about it we"re talking about.  things that we just can"t know for sure.  and we"re talking about the future and.  so those two things are left in the.  realm of speculation so I"m not going to.  get dogmatic over them but I think it"s.  important to gather as much information.  as possible so as to not be deceived and.  so when things do unfold we know what"s.  going on we have a good grasp of the.  possible outcomes so we"re not taken by.  surprise.  some of the things that might happen so.  I"ll try to gather some more information.  about CERN maybe even do like an.  official video about CERN if you guys.  want to see that let me know and I"ll.  try to put something together over the.  weekend in conclusion here what we"re.  seeing is this weird sort of convergence.  of this deep underground technology of.  CERN this large hydro and Collider doing.  cosmic scale sort of testing and one of.  the things they do is they keep it.  cooler than outer space so you know.  there"s this connection to the heavens.  above us the sky the the atmosphere and.  beyond outer space and we"re trying to.  understand or reach into the heavens.  that way as well and so there"s this.  weird convergence happening we are back.  in the days of Noah remember Noah lived.  for 350 years after the flood he lived.  for a total of 950 years okay Noah was.  probably alive most likely alive during.  the time of the Tower of Babel okay Noah.  had his son ham ham had cush cush was.  the father of Nimrod that"s only two.  generations removed from Noah so Noah.  was probably definitely alive and so we.  know that Jesus said in Matthew 24 as.  the days of Noah and you know some.  people have tried to debunk that or.  whatever but I think there"s something.  to it and the evidence is pretty much.  all around us so stay sober minded keep.  watch and until next time god bless guys.  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  1. Enochian keys set off the feeble portal on the Babylon Stargate, aka Tower of Babel articulate. The set up, no longer the pattern itself, is a form of opening/portal which is activated by talking the Enochian keys within the 'lawful' dispute. Puts lots into point of view for me.

  2. I gain it very attention-grabbing what you acknowledged in 2015 @9:40 Especially after observing your movies on Trump. Presumably they were ushering the figure in finally… Nice Work Gonz!!! God Bless you Brother.

  3. It turned into a hoax ,Google rammstein video Amerika filmed in London at movie studio prop the set up moon landings were filmed he’s even wearing Armstrong's set up of dwelling suit , no helmets , Stanley Kubrick filmed it .

  4. Ample, we all discover out about Devil and he's a liar and deceiver. Ephs 6:10-17, tells us all what to achieve. No ? is dreary, why can now we must always always point of interest on the total heinous in this world, as a replace of spreading the gospels and teaching ppl. Oft xs we can point of interest on the heinous issues attempting to warn ppl. It looks much like you might maybe maybe well presumably radically change a component of this in case you're no longer careful, I'm getting far from it the total yrs I've studied all of it my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, cept a pair of don't advance end to me. In Jesus Christ title Amen🔱

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