Alex Jones Disrupts Knowledgeable Gun Rally

Alex Jones Disrupts Knowledgeable Gun Rally

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8 thoughts on “Alex Jones Disrupts Knowledgeable Gun Rally”

  1. All I read is a bunch of title calling and accusations with no proof. Movies may maybe well well per chance additionally be edited to slander anybody. That is all.

  2. Alex Jones has been doing his satire for nearly twenty years. Taking on varied conspiracies and deliberately diverting them faraway from the truth. When right conspiracy theorists arrive on his level to to divulge about particular issues Alex Jones has a masterful manner of trolling them at some level of the conversation.I'll give him props here, he had the balls to arrive to a liberty minded gun rally (not simply your bustle of the mill gun rights other folks, but libertarian/voluntaryist activists) and tried to drag his shit on informed folks, which is what ended in him being caught purple handed. This has continuously been my current portion of proof in opposition to Jones. I don't model this video giving the option of consideration whore? If it modified into about consideration he may maybe well well pick up simply went up on stage and stole the level to, it modified into clearly a tactic to drown out the message of the neighborhood by speaking over each person and uttering nonsensical rheteric. Upright luxuriate in when Katherine is attempting to talk over with him and he randomly says it's the 2nd and the first amendment win faraway from me. WTF? He's not addressing anything else she or anybody is pronouncing to him. I'm wondering if he knew what he modified into getting himself into when he showed up at this rally.

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