31. Cognitive Dissonance

31. Cognitive Dissonance

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8 thoughts on “31. Cognitive Dissonance”

  1. UN Depopulation Agenda via forced and mandated abortions-geoengineering/chemtrails-fluoride-aluminum-fracking-orderly meters-vaccines-glyphosate-GMOs and loads others.—-UN Peacekeepers human kidnapping and intercourse trafficking of or childhood–CPS clinical kidnapping and intercourse trafficking of our childhood—talking about cognitive dissonance!!!!

  2. First though I detest Kissenger, theres no proof Kissenger undoubtedly stated that quote you earn attributing to him … 2nd Crony Oligarchical Plutocratic unregulated Capitalists of the 1% lie about their taxes, they use huge corporate welfare via tax breaks and supreme and illegal loops holes to preserve their wealth on the expense of the leisure of societies

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