23. Stage 5. Acceptance

23. Stage 5. Acceptance

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8 thoughts on “23. Stage 5. Acceptance”

  1. Contributors need to know the truth in uncover trail be wide awake. I don't glance spreading truth as be troubled mongering. Grief mongering would be trying to sell be troubled of one thing that isn't real. Here’s fancy the gun grabbers trying to sell be troubled of guns.

  2. political amendments dont topic collectve amndts neither most collectivenes is both from feAr or defence or to energy and regulate , thrut can only educate truth that we are one in a single sphere that affords u the equipment life and cross.

  3. I compose no longer perceive why you included Alex Jones, to my knowledge he continuously tries to help folks and awaken them, on a obvious stage then you Chris, but he peaceable is trying to extinguish this paradigm. He’s placing time energy and forex into it so he’s additionally trying to help folks to this very day

  4. Situation on dude…I'm in stage 4 leading to 5 correct now by beginning a suite with info from respected revolutionaries fancy your self. Thanks loads. I've potentially watched 60 of your movies in the ideal 5 days

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